The overuse of ICE to detain those accused of marijuana crimes

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cheap moncler Narcissists lack maturity. As mentioned above, people who are married to a narcissist realize that their spouse is the most difficult they have. Not only is their partner incapable of parenting, he/she needs to be parented. The overuse of ICE to detain those accused of marijuana crimes is a burden being carried by the tax payer. Most (75 percent) of ICE hold requests for people with marijuana related convictions are directed at local jails, costing taxpayers $267,060 per year solely for federal civil immigration purposes if all the requests were granted. With rape and other violent crime less likely to result in an ICE detainment than marijuana possession, the investigation into these practices by the CJCJ was warranted and raises questions about the violations of human rights and the economic utility of these practices.. cheap moncler

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